Art is Life.

Life is Art.

We live to create both.
















                                                    Photo credit: Maryanne Bates "Forgive Me Father"


Santitan Studios LLC opened its doors in 2011 by Leonardo Santaiti to make way for the studios first film, Forgive Me Father, a period piece about a father and son and how their lives would be forever changed after one-day gathering firewood in the forest. The film went to various festival minors, winning awards and furthering the journey for Santitan's next projects.


The company later opened its commercial division working with nightclubs, entertainers, motorsports marketing firms, and clothing labels to name a few. We strive to give our clients exactly what they envision from start to finish. Our goal is to make your dreams reality.


In late 2014 Santitan Studios began working on a documentary about Atlanta Nightlife and how it helped shaped the city into the thriving metropolis that it is today. The project continues to grow and all involved are excited to be able to recreate history.


Currently, Santitan Studios is working on the latest short film taken from the end of the second act from Leonardo Santaiti's screenplay "You Got What I Need," a coming of age drama about a lackluster musician learning about life and love through his personal relationships with women; leaving his bipolar girlfriend after falling for a married women, running into his high school crush, and learning from his alcoholic rehab counsel, all this to find out what life is really about.


We live to make art that not only plays with the senses, but also inspires creativity. Our love and passion for our craft and the joy it brings to others is our motivation.


"Every bit of us is in our work."




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